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Exterior building work


In this era of energy transition, it is important to have outdoor landscaping work carried out in your home. For individual or collective housing, our experts in exterior work are available to take into account all your requirements.

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Exterior work for energy savings

You are planning to carry out exterior work in your house but you don’t know who to contact.

Don’t worry! We are involved in several outdoor projects. Our areas of expertise cover structural work including masonry, restoration, renovation and landscaping. When you are planning to carry out structural workin your home, it is important that you call on professionals because it is a very complicated operation.

The big topic at the moment is the ecological transition, which places thermal insulation at the heart of all renovation work. The big topic at the moment is the ecological transition, which places thermal insulation at the heart of all renovation work. The experts of our company carry out insulation work with different types of composite wood with a perfect coefficient of resistance.

After you have contacted us, we will draw up afree quote for you, taking into account your budget. The amount of the estimate varies according to the work to be carried out. Once this estimate has been validated and signed by you, a team from our company will come to your home to carry out the work.

From the structural workto the finishing touches and flooring, we make it a point of honour to carry out exterior work on your premises.

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Creation, exterior design: terraces, gates, shelters…

Because your domain is vast, you are planning to create other portals to make access easier. We are professionals in outdoor works. Our company intervenes whatever the size of the gate to install it according to your requirements.

For the creation or fitting out of a terrace or outdoor shelter, our craftsmen masons, carpenters and joiners will design and carry out high-quality work. The masonry work, as well as other work, will be carried out according to the rules of the art, combining aesthetics and current standards.

In the quotation we will give you free of charge, we will take into account the energy performance requirements. Perfectly aware of the current state policy to preserve the environment, for the covering of the terrace and the thermal insulation of the exterior walls of the house, we take care to use top quality wood.

The estimate makes it possible to evaluate the cost of the workin advance. This prevents you from going over budget. In the category of exterior fittings, our know-how is also expressed in the realisation of renovation works. We work everywhere, forprivate individuals as well as for professionals.

Our company intervenes on all building siteswithout really affecting the original environment of the premises. Our experts, all qualified and approved, with many years of experience in their profession, will guide you towards the best competitive products on the market in terms of outdoor work without having to negatively affect your portfolio. Trust us and you won’t regret it.